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About Us

We are a song faculty that enables adults comprehend their dream of turning into a musician. Our crew includes expert musicians who educate each novices and superior students. We provide an individualized technique to every pupil and constantly try to assist them achieve their song career.


Our music school provides unique opportunities for adults who want to get started in music or improve their skills. We pride ourselves on the following benefits:

  • Individualized attention to each student
  • Professional teachers
  • Convenient class schedule
  • The opportunity to perform at our concerts
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Guitar course


In the course you will learn to play acoustic and electric guitar, learn the basics of composition and arranging.

duration: 6 months

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Vocal course


During this course you will expand your vocal range, learn the correct breathing and phrasing, learn to express emotions through voice.

duration: 9 months

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Piano course


You will learn to read notes, play classical pieces, and create your own compositions.

duration: 12 months

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Composition course


In this course you will learn the theory of music, learn to create your own compositions and arrangements.

duration: 6 months

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Why us?

Our courses will help you discover new possibilities in music and reach a professional level. You can gain confidence on stage and have an unforgettable experience of doing what you love.

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